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coast. —— quite widely temperatures in the mid—20s. to stay will not be as warm as monday but the temperatures are still in the low to mid 20s widely. we could or 28 in a few spots. the trend continues for the week ahead. 30, 31 celsius possible for some of us. goodbye. good afternoon. new measures to tackle obesity in england have been announced by the government. they include plans to ban shops displaying unhealthy snacks at checkouts, tighter restrictions on television adverts and a ban on selling energy drinks to children. the government said the cost of obesity was too great to ignore but labour accused the prime minister of a dossier of failure on children's health. here's our health correspondent dominic hughes. the government's first obesity strategy for england, unveiled in 2016, was seen by many health campaigners as a missed opportunity. ever since, ministers have been under pressure to go further, and so many of the measures that were ditched two years ago are now back on the agenda.
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pa rents a re parents are very worried. we have overta ken parents are very worried. we have overtaken america in terms of obesity rates for 11—year—olds, we have one of the biggest obesity problems in europe, and this is a big statement. we will hold childhood obesity by 2030 is a national ambition, we will take a wide range of measures in the supermarkets, restaurants and sandwich shops that we buy snacks from. the new obesity strategy includes a proposal to ban tv advertising ofjunk food before the 9pm watershed. there will also be curbs on supermarket promotions such as buy one get one free deals on sugary, high—fat foods. and all primary school pupils in england will be encouraged to get active through schemes like walking or running a daily mile. we are really delighted to see this new childhood obesity plan. it's brave and it's ambitious and it's where we should be as a nation. the scottish government also plans to announce tough
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measures to reduce obesity, an issue that is now firmly established as one of the big public health challenges facing the uk. but after what was widely seen as a false start, the government's plans will now face close scrutiny. dominic hughes, bbc news. at the world cup, england take on panama injust under an hour. if england win they'll progress to the knockout stages of the competition. it's the first time the two countries have faced each other. 0ur sports editor dan roan is at the stadium in nizhny novgorod. dan? thanks, ben. england's world cup is literally about to hot up, conditions inside the stadium in nizhny novgorod are very warm indeed, very different to what england are used to. they have experienced nothing like this since arriving in russia. they are based
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in repino on the gulf of finland coast where temperatures are much cooler, they will have to acclimatised quickly to the extra heat which will favour their central american opponents, panama. both teams arrived at this stage a short time ago. we expect raheem sterling to retain his place in the england starting xi. panama are ranked 55th in the world, they are by far the outsiders of the group, playing in their first world cup. outsiders of the group, playing in theirfirst world cup. england will be the favourites. they had to rely on the last gasp harry kane winner against tunisia in volgograd on monday night but the performance really got people encouraged. if they can add to that win and win again here today, they will be safely through to the knockout stages of the world cup. consider this, it would bejust stages of the world cup. consider this, it would be just the second time in their last 15 major tournaments they have won their opening two matches, so plenty to play for. many thanks indeed, our sports
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editor dan roan. one of britain's main railway lines has returned to state control. the east coast line was returned to public ownership after the government ended the stagecoach and virgin franchise. the first service run by london north eastern railway left newcastle shortly before eight o'clock this morning. the department for transport will run the service until at least 2020. the health secretaryjeremy hunt has criticised airbus after the aerospace giant warned it could pull out of uk manufacturing if britain leaves the eu without a suitable trade deal. mr hunt said the warning was ‘completely inappropriate‘ and that the government should ignore what he called ‘siren voices‘. voting has begun in the presidential and parliamentary elections in turkey. the vote is seen as the biggest challenge to president erdogan‘s 15 years in government. he‘s facing a strong challenge by a centre—left candidate. turkey remains under a state of emergency following a failed coup two years ago.
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0ur correspondent mark lowen is outside a polling station in istanbul. how much of a gamble was of the president erdogan to call this election in the first place? it is a very big gamble for president erdogan. two months ago when he called a snap election, it seems likely to pay for him, but then came a lively centre left a man of the people, muharrem ince, who is the stop erdogan candidature. there have been big queues outside the voting rooms in this polling station, they are hoping for turnout of well over 85%. why? president erdogan elicits such strong opinions. adored by his conservative, pyrs supporters who
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love his ground infrastructure projects, the schools, hospitals and bridges he has built. poured by his critics for, as they see it, destroying turkish democracy. this isjudgment destroying turkish democracy. this is judgment day for president erdogan, turkey‘s most powerful, polarising president, and also for the direction of this pivotal country. women in saudi arabia are officially allowed to get behind the wheel of a car from today after the authorities lifted a ban on them driving. saudi arabia was the last country in the world where women were not permitted to drive. the move is part of a programme of modernisation under crown prince mohammed bin salman. but there‘s been criticism that many leading women‘s rights activists who challenged the ban are still in prison. that‘s it from me. the next news on bbc one is at 6:40pm, bye for now.
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good afternoon. we are already into the low 20s, sunshine is more abundant than yesterday. hello. you‘re watching the bbc news channel with shaun ley. as well as obesity, the health secretaryjeremy hunt has also been talking about brexit and described the warnings by airbus about uncertainty as "completely inappropriate." earlier this week, airbus warned it could pull out of the uk if the country exits the single market and customs union, with no transition deal. speaking on the andrew marr show, mr hunt said the government had to "stand firm" and "ignore siren voices." i just thought it was completely inappropriate for businesses to make, to be making these kinds of threats for one simple reason — we are in an absolutely critical moment in the brexit discussions
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and what that means is that we need to get behind theresa may, to deliver the best possible brexit, a clean brexit and what businesses want — and i was in business for 1h years — they want clarity. and the more that we undermine theresa may, the more likely we are to end up with a fudge, which will be a disaster for everyone. 0ur political correspondent jonathan blake has more on jeremy hunt‘s criticism of airbus over brexit. some strong words from the health secretary in response to the warnings from airbus and bmw and siemens, the latest international company to warn about brexit and the implications of leaving without a deal. it is different to the language government ministers were using when airbus made that warning, they were striking a reassuring tone, saying we understand your concerns, but the best thing is if we get on with getting a good deal and the no—deal scenario has to be on the table, but we don‘t see it happening.
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what you saw from jeremy hunt was a stronger line and you heard him saying that we should stand firm, resist these siren voices saying it is inappropriate for businesses to be making warnings. airbus and siemens take a different view. they have voiced concerns in public. so it will be interesting to see what reaction the business leaders have to that. but it is a tricky time for the prime minister. because she heads into the next round of negotiations in brussels next week. obviously, a crucial time. the whole process has been fraught with difficulties and fraught with debate. and, as you say, the prime minister heading back to brussels at a key time. we have seen an example of the pressure she is under not only from business who say we need close ties with the eu and details on the relationship, but an open letter
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from 60 former cabinet members, mps and economists, saying the planning for a no—deal scenario, where we would revert to world trade organisation rules, should be speeded up and many would be happy in that scenario and saying that to have real leverage in the talks, the government needs to treat that as a real option and they say that the prime minister is up against intransigent and punitive strategy from the eu. pressure on the prime minister from all sides at these key phases of the negotiations. more now on the elections in turkey where people are voting in snap parliamentary and presidential elections. seen as the biggest challenge yet to president recep tayyip erdogan. he‘s been casting his ballot in the last hour. joining us now is fadi hakura,
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who is the manager of the turkey project at chatham house. a lot of people are speculating that this gamble that recep tayyip erdogan took in calling these elections could backfire on him. is he in danger of losing these elections? i think the likelihood is recep tayyip erdogan will win in the first or second round. the expectation is that his party will lose control of parliament. if that is the case, there will be a lot of political instability and increased economic volatility. if he is still in power, still president, but he doesn‘t have a parliamentary majority, what would that mean, would that curtail his powers? because we have seen thousands of
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people being arrested after that failed coup and it seemed to the outside world that he was a strong man, in such a position of power, that he couldn‘t be challenged. man, in such a position of power, that he couldn't be challenged.“ his party, if recep tayyip erdogan‘s party was to lose the parliamentary elections, i think that some of his powers may be curtailed. but the president is not a co—operative president. he is much more, he believes in singular rule. he is combative and confrontational. what i suspect is that the level of confrontation will increase and this could lead to another set of early elections in turkey. will these elections in turkey. will these elections definitely be free and fair? we have seen so many people being arrested, journalists, political activists, do you believe these will be fair elections? the ruling party in much of this year changed the law to allow the
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election authorities to relocate ballot boxes on security grounds, to appoint civil servants to control polling stations and allow the police to enter polling stations and to count unstamped ballot papers. this was passed to facilitate some games 01’ this was passed to facilitate some games or at least it affects the integrity of the ballot box and there are concerns in the south—east of the country perhaps it will not be totally free and fair. we have a big crackdown by president recep tayyip erdogan. are you saying despite that there is a big sort of upsurge of opposition to his rule? the number one enemy to the president is the state of economy. just this year the currency plunged by 20% against the us dollar. and 60% since 2013. that is one thing he
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can‘t deal with and the economy has undermined his popularity. thank you. we will see how those elections go. the headlines on bbc news: in less than 45 minutes england will take on panama at the world cup. if they win they‘ll progress to the knockout stages of the competition. new measures aimed at halving the number of obese children in england by 2030 have been announced by the government. the health secretary, jeremy hunt says it‘s "completely inappropriate" for businesses like airbus to issue warnings about the government‘s brexit plans. sport now and a full round up from the bbc sport centre. excitement mounting? yes you can
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feel the tension building. less than an hour to go now until england play panama in their second group game of the world cup. raheem sterling has kept his place in the side for the match in nizhny novgorov. our sports correspondent natalie pirks is in the stadium for us, and we now know gareth southgate‘s team. yes, as you say, sterling has kept his place. it is an unchanged side bar one player from the side that started against tunisia. loftus—cheek will come in for dele alli. the england team from the back is this: trippier was very impressive against
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tunisia. there was talk of danny rose coming m, there was talk of danny rose coming in, but it has been decided that young would keep his place. up front we have sterling keeping his place, rashford on the bench and of course the two—goal hero, harry kane, up front. a win will take england through to the last 16. but this panama, well they could be a stubborn resistance. tell us about panama, it is their first world cup. we don‘t know much about them. it is a fairly old squad as well? yes, they don‘t score goals. they have only scored one in their last six matches. but they‘re organised and that kind of stubborn game that england will face, in this tournament, only eight of the 20 teams have had more possession and gone on to win. when you‘re faced
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with lesser opposition, which they are, they‘re 55th in the world, it can be difficult to break down and gareth talked of having to go to the 94th minute and england got a last gasp winner against tunisia, to break these teams down. baseball is their national sport. but thousands of them have made their way here to support the team in their first world cup. they arejoyous support the team in their first world cup. they are joyous at being at the party. they don‘t want to be embarrassed, but they understand when they come up against the likes of belgium and england, they‘re coming up against superior opposition. it should be — should be —a opposition. it should be — should be — a straight forward win for england. but of course in this heat and againsta england. but of course in this heat and against a stubborn side nothing is going to be taken for granted by england. thank you. we can see some players training there. and how about this for one
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of the happiest warm up sessions we‘ve ever seen? this is senegal getting ready for their match against japan, a beautifully choreographed dance routine. these are today‘s fixtures. and finally cricket, where england are on course for a first series whitewash of australia in any format of the game. they‘re already four up in the five match one day series. australia won the toss and chose to bat at old trafford. they made a good start, reaching 60 for one but have come apart a bit since then, falling to 100—5. moeen ali‘s taken three wickets. australia are now 121—5. that‘s all the sport for now.
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i‘ll have more in the next hour. more now on england and panama kicking off the latest round of games at the football world cup in under an hour. england are hoping for a win that will make them favourites — along with belgium — to reach the knock—out stage. let‘s speak to sarah rainsford, who‘s outside the nizhny novgorod stadium where the match is being played. a good atmosphere and a really hot day? it is. it is a scorcher, it is more than 30 degrees. the atmosphere warm too. there is a big crowd. they have been pouring in. still coming in. we havejust over half have been pouring in. still coming in. we have just over half an have been pouring in. still coming in. we havejust over half an hour to go. a big crowd from panama, england and russia. a lot getting their faces painted. the
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england and russia. a lot getting theirfaces painted. the match will ta ke theirfaces painted. the match will take place in this new stadium here. i found four men who are going to be in the crowd who come from the uk. you have got here by taxi from moscow. how was the journey?“ you have got here by taxi from moscow. how was the journey? it was a long journey, six hours. probably the longest taxi i will ever take what is the atmosphere like? fantastic. it is lovely to see all the england fans and the russians being so hospitable. that is what you expected? no, wen i told people, people thought i was going to be in trouble. but it has been great. how about you, where have you come from? we came together, we went to... stalingrad first. everyone's been very friendly and it has been great. is that what you were expect something yes, we were happy to come. we knew it would be well
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organised and a lot of happy people. 0bviously, organised and a lot of happy people. obviously, this is an important game for england. any predictions? probably about 5—0 to be on the safe side! kane hat trick. we will smash them. at least three if not five. that is a confident prediction. they have come to watch the game. some panamanians said they hoped they could hold england to the draw. that is what the panamanians are hoping for. people painting theirfaces, having a drink and getting ready for the party that is about to kick off. thank you. 5—0. we would take that. i wonder how much that taxi ride would cost them for a six—hour ride from moscow. will grant is in panama
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city and what is the local time there? there is loads of fans preparing to watch the game? yes, you can hear it is beginning to kick off. we have had fireworks, people have come straight from the bars. everyone is decked out in the nationalflag. everyone is decked out in the national flag. the red everyone is decked out in the nationalflag. the red tide everyone is decked out in the national flag. the red tide they call the fans here. it is a new sport for panama, which is very much a baseball nation. but they‘re proud to have made it to russia. now they‘re looking to dent that english confidence and take a point from them. they want to score their first world cup goal and they think they may have an outside chance of a real upset. england are 43 places ahead of them in the rankings. so there is no pressure on them. if they could upset them it would be their
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proudest moment. 6.23 in the morning there? very early in the morning. and they must be as you say, so proud they‘re even there, but if they could get out of group stage and defy the odds, i guess panama would go crazy? it would go berserk. to do that today they have to beat england. you would be surprised how much confidence there is among the fans. they don‘t want to be thinking about, you know, that i was not going to happen. they want to try and bring that energy to push the players on in russia. everybody‘s half drunk i have to say, they have come straight from the bars. people came us to and thought we were the beer tent at one point! if they can sort of send some of that positive vibration to the players, they can maybe do that upset and they would
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be in maybe do that upset and they would beina maybe do that upset and they would be in a position where everything would still be to play for as they say. thank you. enjoy the game. you can watch it in panama city or in newcastle. and jeremy jackson‘s can watch it in panama city or in newcastle. and jeremyjackson‘s in newcastle, where england fans will be watching on the big screen. not quite panama city, but the sun is shining? yes and it is building here. —— hear. 1800 people have bought tickets for tyne square where, the anticipation has been mounting. there has been a real inflex of people into the city, because it is the first weekend of the summer exhibition of the north. but the only exhibition these people wa nt to but the only exhibition these people want to see a is a winning start from harry kane and company. but we know watching england the nerves are never far from the surface. have you
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come from very far? no we are all local, all from newcastle. we know that england expects, but we also know some of the unfancied teams have caused quite a few upsets already? anyjitters? no, ithink it will be a 3—0. i think we will do well. somebody predicted 5-0. would you go that far. i wouldn't. you would. hat trick for kane. you're decked out beautifully. i have gone for the gareth southgate look. can he take england well into the competition. i think we have a good chance. better than last time. coming home! it is footy coming home! we know also that panama held belgium to 0—0 in the first half. we know how hard some of these lower
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ranked teams are to break down. any worries there? i think as long as they go out with their game and stay strong, from the outset, get an early goal, we will be fine. get the first goal and we will be ok. you're all reassured. sterling starts. right choices. i think rashford should make an appearance. i think he isa should make an appearance. i think he is a better chance. would you bring him on anyway, or only if it is looking tough tough? only if it is looking tough tough? only if it is tough. how far will we go in the comp —— competition. is tough. how far will we go in the comp -- competition. quarterfinals. semi—finals. comp -- competition. quarterfinals. semi-finals. managing expectations we think. spirits are high as you can see here. i think things will get more relaxed if a goal or two
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are in the bag by half time and then the party will start here in newcastle. and of course right around the country. thank you so much. and thank you to your panel of pun dids. let‘s —— pundit and let‘s hope for any kind of victory. sunshine there in newcastle as in panama city. as in nizhny novgorod. now the forecast. blue skies and gentle sea breezes and high temperatures. hazy sunshine in some parts today with some cloud on the eastern coast. but temperatures up to 27 degrees in the warmest spots. widely into the mid 20s. cooler around the coast. dry and clear tonight with temperatures just about getting down to single figures. so a fresh start to monday morning. monday shaping up to be another
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beautiful day, if you like it dry, sunny and warm, that is how it is looking. a lot of sunshine again. more cloud to the south—east and a breeze here. some cloud for the north—west of scotland. in between, beautiful blue skies is. look at the temperatures on monday, into the mid 20s. could be to 29 in the south—east. cooler around the coast with the sea breezes. we could see 30 degrees later in the week. this is bbc news — our latest headlines: in 30 minutes england will take on panama at the world cup. if they win they‘ll progress to the knockout stages of the competition. new measures aimed at halving the number of obese children in england by 2030 have been announced by the government. they include plans to prevent shops displaying unhealthy food at checkouts and banning the sale of caffeine—heavy energy drinks to children
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